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The BrynQ Story

Enter a world where the complexities of HR & Payroll system integration are a thing of the past.

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Connect To Empower with BrynQ

At BrynQ, we’re not just tech enthusiasts. We’re problem solvers. With a strong foundation in HR & Payroll, we specialize in creating connectors and APIs that make your HR and payroll systems communicate like never before. We invite you to a new era of data management that empowers your business with smart, secure, and efficient data handling and visualization. 

Our Vision & Mission

At BrynQ, we believe that data should be a driving force in your success story. Our mission is simple yet profound – to make data unlocking so effortless, everyone can do it. We’re turning this vision into reality by leveraging AI technology. 

Picture this: the wisdom of a senior consultant, accessible anytime, empowering you to craft intricate HR & Payroll interfaces with ease. With BrynQ, you have all the combined knowledge we have in our company available via our AI agent, creating interfaces simply through conversation with you

Our AI-assistant doesn’t just assist; it revolutionizes, creating integrations on the fly, built upon our decade-long expertise. 

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Your data in Expert Hands

With more than 12 years of experience in the HR & payroll field, we recognize the delicate complexity of HR and payroll data, and our expertise is focused on maintaining its sanctity with the highest confidentiality. This is why we designed BrynQ’s infrastructure around the pillars of leading data security standards, including GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001. Our experience ensures your critical data is managed with the utmost expertise.

“It’s not just about data exchange. It’s about strategic empowerment.”


Erwin Vink

Data & Analytics Manager

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What BrynQ Stands For

Bridging Data Gaps. In many organizations, crucial information is often fragmented, residing in isolated silos across different teams. Our solution effectively bridges these gaps, ensuring seamless data integration while maintaining the highest security standards to safeguard your sensitive information.

Syncing Across Systems. BrynQ eliminates errors and inconsistencies by synchronizing data across various platforms. This ensures uniformity and accuracy in the information available to your teams, fostering more efficient and error-free operations.

Enhancing Your Business IQ. BrynQ goes beyond just data integration; it transforms your existing systems into a powerhouse of insights. By unlocking hidden information and harnessing the power of AI, combined with our 50 years of collective expertise in payroll and HR systems worldwide, BrynQ elevates your business intelligence to new heights.

Meet the Team

Located in the heart of the Netherlands, BrynQ stands as a distinct brand under the Salure umbrella. Salure, with its robust team of over 95 experts, boasts an extensive track record with more than 13 years of international experience in HR & Payroll software services. 

Our journey at BrynQ began with our Data & Analytics team’s long-standing dedication to integrating local HR systems with a wide array of global HR and payroll systems. These projects were always driven by our dream to make unlocking data so easy that anyone could master it.

In 2022, our dream took a tangible form. Our team, leveraging their collective expertise, insights and AI technology, ventured beyond traditional boundaries to create something truly global. The result was an innovative global HR & Payroll integration cloud, powered by AI.

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Student Sponsorship Project: AI for Sustainability

In alignment with our mission to “Connect to Empower” and transform data into a strategic advantage, BrynQ is thrilled to sponsor Team Epoch from TU Delft. This partnership fuels their AI initiatives, directly contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through projects focused on sustainable development and environmental conservation.

This partnership embodies our commitment to fostering innovation, leveraging data for positive change, and supporting the bright minds shaping our future. Let’s unlock new potentials in data utilization for a better world!

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