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BrynQ is Solution Partner of Tellent

Discover why Salure’s BrynQ and Tellent go hand-in-hand. Unlock the future of recruitment and HCM integration. 

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Recruitee by Tellent and BrynQ

In our partnership with Recruitee by Tellent, BrynQ and Salure are revolutionizing the recruitment and HRM landscape. We are proud of this collaboration. By integrating Recruitee’s advanced recruitment tools with comprehensive HRM systems, we are creating a seamless and efficient onboarding experience. 

Benefits of our Partnership

HRM and Recruitment, Seamlessly Integrated

Our partnership with Recruitee by Tellent represents a new era in recruitment efficiency. By integrating Recruitee's robust platform into leading HRM systems, we offer a unified solution that streamlines both recruitment and employee management. This ensures a smooth transition from candidate to team member, enhancing the onboarding experience and reducing time-to-productivity.

Solution Partners

Together we offer a comprehensive suite of HR solutions, including Recruitee's innovative tools. Our combined offerings create a holistic ecosystem, catering to the diverse needs of the global and local HR communities.

Building a True HR Ecosystem

Together, BrynQ by Salure and Recruitee by Tellent are constructing a dynamic HR ecosystem that creates and shares collective value. This interconnected network of solutions addresses every aspect of the HR journey, from recruitment to retirement. Our joint solutions foster a connected, efficient, and productive workplace, setting a new standard in HR technology.

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