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BrynQ is Certified AFAS Partner

AFAS Software is a premier name in the realm of HR & Payroll automation. With a focus on comprehensive and integrated solutions, AFAS has become synonymous with efficiency and innovation in the Benelux. 

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AFAS and BrynQ

Through the partnership between BrynQ and AFAS, we bring the vision of total automation to life. Our joint endeavor ensures that you can leverage the full capabilities of AFAS’s software, optimizing your business processes beyond what you thought possible. Together, we are committed to reducing administrative workload, enhancing quality, and fostering a great place to work.

Benefits of our Partnership

Seamless Integrations

Our alliance with AFAS situates us within a network of excellence, dedicated to delivering top-tier automation and data connectivity solutions. As an official implementation and connection partner we orchestrate a seamless interaction between your HR and payroll systems.

Official International Partner

BrynQ is part of the official international AFAS solution. This partnership ensures that AFAS users maintain control over their international payroll operations with a streamlined, standardized approach, providing crucial insights through convenient, user-friendly dashboards and ensuring compliance with the diverse and complex web of global regulations.

Standardized yet Flexible

Our partnership with AFAS brings you a centralized system that offers a clear overview of international HRM data while maintaining flexibility to connect with local payroll processors. This synergy aligns international procedures effortlessly, offering you the convenience of managing data on one international platform.

Join the BrynQ Ecosystem

At BrynQ, we’re continuously expanding our horizons and seeking innovative partnerships to create and share collective value. We believe in the power of collaboration – Connect to Empower.

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