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Twinfield connector

Imagine a world where data flows effortlessly between your accounting and payroll systems, transforming complexity into simplicity. 

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What Does the Twinfield Connector Do?

BrynQ’s Twinfield Connector revolutionizes your financial and HR data management. It’s not just a simple connector but a powerful automation tool that seamlessly integrates your payroll software with the Twinfield accounting package for smart automation. With Twinfield’s capability to link with hundreds of industry-specific solutions, the connector saves time and provides up-to-date financial insights.

Benefits of the Twinfield Connector

Efficiency and Automation

By automating the connection between your payroll software and Twinfield, payroll costs are directly fed into your financial software, eliminating manual data entry. For instance, a few days after payroll processing, a payroll journal entry is automatically posted in your accounting system.

Data Insights at Your Command

This integration ensures that you always have the latest data at your fingertips, be it for generating detailed financial reports or analyzing costs. BrynQ's Twinfield Connector is more than a bridge; it transforms complex data into actionable insights, presented in intuitive dashboards, making your data exchange not just smooth but also strategically invaluable.

Uncompromised Security

At BrynQ, we understand the importance of secure data handling. The Twinfield Connector is designed with top-tier security measures, ensuring your data is not only shared but also thoroughly protected.

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When is the Twinfield Connector Useful?

During Organizational Growth

As your business scales, so does your need for efficient data management. The Twinfield Connector grows with you, adapting to your expanding requirements.

In Multi-System Environments

Managing numerous systems? Our connector weaves them together, creating a unified, seamless experience.

For Data-Driven Decision Making

Accurate, timely data is critical for informed decision-making. The Twinfield Connector ensures you have the insights you need when you need them.

Enhancing Employee Experiences

Employees deserve access to precise and efficient payroll and HR information. BrynQ delivers clarity and accuracy.

Navigating Compliance

Stay ahead of changing payroll regulations with a connector that understands and adapts to legal requirements.

The Twinfield Connector isn’t just about data exchange. It’s about empowering your strategy with precision and insight.


Erwin Vink

Data & Analytics Manager


Worried about integration complexities?

Fear not. Integrating Twinfield with BrynQ and your other systems is a seamless experience. Our step-by-step process guarantees a smooth implementation, letting you reap the benefits without any complexities. We prioritize user experience, ensuring that the integration journey is as effortless as it is efficient. 

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