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SAP integration

Put an end to mismatched data across HRM and ERP systems. BrynQ automatically syncs data between systems as you desire, ensuring constant insight and control. 

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What does the SAP integration do?

BrynQ’s SAP connector automates the data transfer securely. The platform consolidates this data, presenting it in a unified view. The advantage? Enter and manage identical data in one place, reducing errors and eliminating the time previously lost managing duplicate data across multiple systems. 

Benefits of the SAP connector

Dashboard & Reports

Linking SAP with your system, brings together information from both systems into one dashboard. This unifies different HRM and payroll software in one place.

Within SAP or your system, you have direct access to these dashboards through deeplinks. You also get various standard ad-hoc reports, tailored to your relevant topics. The system delivers desired outputs instantly. From BrynQ, you can export dashboards to Excel or have them emailed automatically.

The dashboards offer multi-layered drill-down capabilities for in-depth data analysis. BrynQ is 100% modular. By letting you choose what information is displayed, it meets every information need.

No Double Entry

Enter and manage all your data in one place through the SAP interface. Keeping, checking, and filling in data in a single system saves time, allowing you to focus more on Human Resource management.

Seamless Information Flow

When using multiple software types, data exchange occurs through an interface. It's complex, and correct data synchronization is crucial. With daily data extraction and file comparison between SAP and your system

Fewer Errors

The likelihood of errors significantly reduces with the SAP interface. By monitoring and filling in everything in one system, you prevent data discrepancies between systems.

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When is an SAP Integration useful for you?

Choosing an integration isn’t a daily decision. It’s crucial to make a well-considered choice for your organization. Understanding when an integration is beneficial is key. Below are six common scenarios where an SAP link is smart: 

Automated Employee Data Synchronization

Linking employees from your system to your international SAP HRM and payroll system, ensuring automatic synchronization of personal details, address, contract, salary, schedule, rewards, etc.

Streamlined Employee Data Integration

Connecting employee data where your system is leading. Employees automatically get an SAP account when created in your system.

Effortless Synchronization

Automatically synchronizing organizational structures between systems.

Accurate Salary Sync

Linking salary data from contracts to your payroll system, ensuring it has the correct data for payments.

Global Payroll Unification

Gathering worldwide payroll data, harmonizing it into the same format, and visualizing it in one dashboard.

Quality Assurance in HRM and Payroll

Ensuring the quality of data in HRM and payroll systems, including controlling employee deployment against costs.

“It’s not just about data exchange. It’s about strategic empowerment.”


Erwin Vink

Data & Analytics Manager

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Our Approach

Collaborate with our data specialist to design dashboards for a clear overview of your business data. BrynQ dashboards are practical for daily use, empowering management to make data-driven decisions.

We link your system and SAP to BrynQ to extract data from these systems.

We then transform the data into a uniform format for comparison.

We visualize the vast amount of data in understandable dashboards.

We ensure that SAP and your system remain synchronized in real-time.

Synchronization is safeguarded through active alerting and monitoring.

What Information is Transmitted by the SAP Integration?

The integration between your system and SAP provides a secure, real-time connection for efficient data synchronization. Key features include seamless transfer of work hours from SAP to your system, efficient management of your system journal entries in SAP, and comprehensive synchronization of employee data.

This integration handles a variety of data types including personal details, schedules, banking relationships, and absence records, ensuring accuracy and consistency across both HRM and payroll systems.

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