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Revitalize your workforce management with BrynQ’s seamless integration of Planday. Embrace a new era of operational excellence and streamlined workforce processes, elevating your company’s efficiency and capability.

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What does the Planday Connector do?

The Planday connector on BrynQ acts as a powerful conduit, melding Planday cutting-edge workforce management solutions into your HR ecosystem. This integration simplifies critical HR tasks, including employee scheduling, time tracking, and absence management, by ensuring smooth data synchronization between Planday and your HR systems. It enables instant data exchange, upholding both precision and efficacy in managing your workforce. Utilizing the Planday connector through BrynQ not only bolsters your workforce planning but also enriches employee experiences, driving your operations towards optimal efficiency and heightened staff contentment.

Benefits of the Planday Integration


Wave goodbye to the hassles of manual data entry. Embrace automated processes that significantly cut down errors, saving time and resources. Empower your team to shift their focus to strategic growth and innovation.

Data insights

Our insightful dashboards do more than just integrate data. They turn your complex HR and payroll metrics into a visual narrative, offering actionable insights and empowering you to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Seamless integration

The Planday Connector is designed for compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with a diverse range of systems. Experience integration that's smooth and uninterrupted.

Robust security

At BrynQ, we merge connectivity with security. Our top-tier security protocols mean your data isn't just transferred; it's meticulously protected, ensuring compliance and reliability in every exchange.

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When is the Planday connector useful?

Scaling operations

As your organization grows, your data complexity grows too. The Planday Connector scales effortlessly with you, whether you're a burgeoning enterprise or an established multinational.

In multi-system landscapes

Dealing with multiple HR systems? The Planday Connector acts as the unifying force, weaving them into a cohesive whole.

Data-Driven strategies

For critical decision-making, rely on our connector for accurate, ready-to-use data.

Enhancing employee experience

Give your employees the clarity and efficiency they deserve with precise payroll and HR information.

Navigating compliance

Stay agile and compliant with constantly evolving payroll and HR regulations.

“It’s not just about data exchange. It’s about strategic empowerment.”


Erwin Vink

Data & Analytics Manager


Worried about integration complexities?

Don’t be. Integrating the Planday Connector with BrynQ and your other systems is straightforward. Our step-by-step process guarantees a smooth setup, ensuring you reap the benefits without the headaches. We’re committed to an exceptional user experience, making integration as seamless as possible. Begin your journey towards maximized efficiency with a hassle-free implementation.

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