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Microsoft dynamics AX

Unlock a new dimension of efficiency and sophistication in your business processes with BrynQ’s integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX

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What does the Microsoft Dynamics AX connector do?

The Microsoft Dynamcis Connector bridges your Microsoft Dynamics AX system with diverse HR and Payroll platforms, creating a seamless network of data and operations. It’s engineered to enhance data flow, maintain strict confidentiality, and ensure that complex processes run smoothly. Simplify your administrative tasks and focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Key benefits of the connector


Wave goodbye to manual data entry. Welcome a world of automated efficiency. Reduce errors, save time, and liberate your team to focus on strategic growth.

Data visualization

Our dashboards don't just integrate data; they transform it into a visual story. Now, numbers aren't just numbers. They're valuable insights, enabling you to make decisions with confidence and real-time clarity.

Seamless integration

Compatibility is the heart of our solution. The Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector integrates harmoniously with diverse systems, ensuring uninterrupted data flow.

Robust security

At BrynQ, we merge connectivity with security. Expect top-tier security protocols to ensure that your data is not just shared but vigilantly protected.

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When is the Microsoft Dynamcis AX connector useful?

Scaling operations

As your business scales, so does your need for efficient data management. The connector adapts to your expanding requirements.

In multi-system landscapes

Juggling various systems? This connector is the thread that seamlessly weaves them together.

Data-Driven strategies

When your decision-making depends on accuracy, our connector ensures your data is always ready and reliable.

Enhancing employee experience

Your staff deserves efficiency. We ensure they have accurate, timely access to payroll and HR information.

Navigating compliance

Stay abreast of changing local and international payroll regulations with ease.

“It’s not just about data exchange. It’s about strategic empowerment.”


Erwin Vink

Data & Analytics Manager


Worried about integration complexities?

There’s no need to worry. Connecting Microsoft Dynamics AX with BrynQ is straightforward. Our step-by-step guide ensures a smooth implementation. We focus on user experience, making integration simple and efficient. Embrace a world where setting up is hassle-free.

Ready to start?

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