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Loket connector

Elevate your payroll capabilities on a global scale. Seamlessly bridge the gap between your global HR platform and Loket, the Dutch payroll and HR software, to streamline processes and drive international HR excellence.

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What does the Loket connector do?

The BrynQ Loket Connector is your passport to international HR management. This integration empowers your global HR platform to seamlessly connect with Loket, ensuring smooth data exchange and consistency across borders. With the Loket Connector, you can effortlessly manage HR processes in the Netherlands and beyond, centralizing and streamlining your international HR operations with precision and ease.

Key benefits of the connector

Cost Reduction

Lower operational expenses by automating manual processes.

Error Minimization

Significantly reduce data entry errors.

Improved Data Consistency

Achieve uniformity across all systems.

Enhanced Job Satisfaction

Eliminate tedious tasks, allowing staff to focus on value-added activities.

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When is the Microsoft Teams connector useful?

Scaling your business operations

As your business scales, so does your need for efficient data management. The connector adapts to your expanding requirements.

Data-Driven strategies

When your decision-making depends on accuracy, our connector ensures your data is always ready and reliable.

During Rapid Growth Phases

As your organization grows, so does your need for scalable and efficient systems.

“It’s not just about data exchange. It’s about strategic empowerment.”


Erwin Vink

Data & Analytics Manager


Worried about integration complexities?

We understand that integration can be daunting. The Loket Connector is designed with a user-friendly approach, ensuring a smooth and straightforward integration process. Our dedicated support team is always available to guide you through every step.

Visualize success with customizable dashboards

Transform data into actionable insights with our customizable dashboards. The Loket Connector enables you to: 

  • Create tailored dashboards for real-time monitoring 
  • Visualize key performance indicators at a glance 
  • Make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data 
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