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Datev connector

Imagine a world where HR and payroll data flows seamlessly, without a hitch. That’s the world the BrynQ Datev Connector creates. Beyond mere data transfer, it redefines, connects, and empowers, transforming your HR & Payroll processes into a streamlined powerhouse. 

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What does the Datev Connector do?

The Datev Connector is BrynQ’s solution to the intricate web of HR and payroll data management. This tool doesn’t just bridge your Datev system with other vital HR and payroll applications – it revolutionizes them. It’s more than a connector; it’s a conduit for effortless data exchange, ensuring precision and efficiency. Transforming complex data into actionable insights is now a reality, all displayed on intuitive dashboards. 

Benefits of the Datev Connector

Efficiency Reimagined

Wave goodbye to the drudgery of manual data entry. Embrace a world where errors are reduced, time is saved, and resources are optimized. This is where your team can truly focus on what's important - strategic growth and innovation.

Data Insights at Your Command

With BrynQ's insightful dashboards, your HR and payroll data is not just integrated - it's brought to life. These aren't just numbers; they're powerful insights ready to drive confident, data-backed decisions in real-time.

Uncompromised Security

At BrynQ, connectivity goes hand-in-hand with security. We employ top-tier security measures, ensuring your data isn't just transferred - it's fortified.

Robust Security

BrynQ isn’t just about connectivity. It’s about secure, compliant, and reliable data exchange. With top-tier security protocols, your data isn’t just shared, it's protected.

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When is the Datev Connector useful?

During Organizational Growth

As your business scales, your data complexities grow. The Datev connector evolves with you, meeting the demands of both bustling startups and established enterprises.

In Multi-System Environments

Juggling various systems? The Datev connector is the linchpin that binds them together, effortlessly and efficiently.

For Data-Driven Decision Making

When precision is paramount, our connector ensures your data is accurate, accessible, and always reliable.

Enhancing Employee Experience

Your employees deserve transparency and efficiency. With BrynQ, they gain access to precise and timely HR and payroll information.

Compliance Mastery:

Keep up with the ever-evolving payroll regulations and stay compliant with ease.

“It’s not just about connecting data. It's about unleashing potential.”


Erwin Vink

Data & Analytics Manager


Simplifying Integration

Worried about the complexities of integration? With the Datev Connector, there’s no need for concern. Our streamlined, step-by-step process ensures an effortless setup. We focus on user experience, making integration straightforward, so you can revel in maximized efficiency from the get-go. 

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