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Atoss connector

Transform the way you manage your workforce with the advanced integration of ATOSS using BrynQ. Discover a new level of operational efficiency and streamlined workforce management, enhancing your organizational capabilities.

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What Does the Atoss Connector Do?

The ATOSS connector on BrynQ serves as a dynamic link, integrating ATOSS’s advanced workforce management tools into your existing HR infrastructure. This connector streamlines various HR functions, from scheduling and time tracking to absence management, by seamlessly syncing data between ATOSS and your HR systems. The integration facilitates real-time data exchange, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in workforce planning and decision-making. By leveraging the ATOSS connector, BrynQ enhances your ability to manage workforce demands effectively, leading to optimized operations and improved employee satisfaction.

Benefits of the Atoss Connector

Efficiency Redefined

Wave goodbye to the tedium of manual data entry. Embrace automated precision, saving time and resources, and focus on strategic growth and innovation.

Data Insights at Your Command

Our dashboards do more than just display data. They turn complex HR and payroll information into insightful, actionable intelligence, allowing for confident, data-driven decisions in real-time.

Flawless Integration

Compatibility at its finest. The Atoss Connector integrates effortlessly with a multitude of systems, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted data flow.

Uncompromised Security

At BrynQ, we understand the value of your data. That's why we offer top-tier security protocols, making sure your data is not only shared but also thoroughly protected and compliant.

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When Is the Atoss Connector Useful?

During Organizational Scaling

As your enterprise grows, so does your data. The Atoss connector scales with you, meeting the demands of both budding enterprises and large corporations.

In Multi-System Landscapes

Juggling several systems? The Atoss connector is the thread that ties them together effortlessly.

For Informed Decision-Making

Need reliable data for crucial decisions? Our connector guarantees data accuracy and readiness.

Boosting Employee Experience

Ensure your team accesses precise payroll and HR information, enhancing clarity and efficiency in the workplace.

Ensuring Compliance

Stay ahead with evolving local and international payroll regulations.

“The Atoss Connector – It’s not just about data exchange. It’s about strategic empowerment.”


Erwin Vink

Data & Analytics Manager


Worried about integration complexities?

Fear not. Integrating Atoss with BrynQ and your other systems is smooth sailing. Our straightforward process ensures easy implementation, letting you reap the benefits without the hassle. We prioritize an intuitive user experience, making integration as seamless as possible. Effortless setup leads to maximized efficiency. 

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