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Assusoft connector

Elevate your HR and payroll strategy with BrynQ’s Assusoft Connector. Achieve a new standard of data harmony, where streamlined workflows and impeccable data integrity converge, propelling Assusoft to the forefront of HR innovation.

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What does the Assusoft Connector do?

The Assusoft Connector is more than just software; it’s your gateway to streamlined HR and payroll management. It seamlessly synchronizes data across various systems, ensuring accuracy and consistency. This section will delve into the functionalities of Assusoft, highlighting how it simplifies complex HR tasks and data management. 

Key benefits of the connector


Say goodbye to double encoding. Assusoft Connector seamlessly synchronizes your HR and payroll data, freeing up valuable time.

Data visualization

Our dashboards don't just integrate data; they transform it into a visual story. Now, numbers aren't just numbers. They're valuable insights, enabling you to make decisions with confidence and real-time clarity.

Seamless integration

Leverage automatic interfaces to various suppliers, streamlining your HR processes.

Robust security

At BrynQ, we merge connectivity with security. Expect top-tier security protocols to ensure that your data is not just shared but vigilantly protected.

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When is the Assusoft connector useful?

Scaling operations

In scaling businesses needing efficient data management. This section will present real-world applications of Assusoft, helping users identify when it's the best solution for their needs.

In multi-system landscapes

Ideal for organizations using Assusoft alongside other HR and payroll systems, needing seamless data integration.

Data-Driven strategies

Where quick decision-making is crucial, the connector provides necessary data insights promptly.

Enhancing employee experience

Your staff deserves efficiency. We ensure they have accurate, timely access to payroll and HR information.

Navigating compliance

Stay abreast of changing local and international payroll regulations with ease.

“It’s not just about data exchange. It’s about strategic empowerment.”


Erwin Vink

Data & Analytics Manager


Worried about integration complexities?

Integration anxiety is common, but with Assusoft, it’s unfounded. This part of the page will address common concerns about system integration, reassuring users of the simplicity and support offered by BrynQ during the integration process of Assusoft. 

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