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Jira interface

Jira 200 - Jira interface

INTEGRATIONS Enhance your project management and HR collaboration with BrynQ’s Jira Connector. Bridge the gap between HR and project teams, creating a dynamic workflow that drives productivity. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the Jira interface do? BrynQ’s Jira Connector revolutionizes HR and project management. It automates task creation, employee onboarding, and project allocation […]


monday 200 1 - Monday

INTEGRATIONS Transform your project management and team collaboration with the innovative integration of by BrynQ. Step into a realm of enhanced productivity and streamlined project workflows, boosting your team’s performance and organizational effectiveness. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the Monday connector do? Bridge the gap between your project management and HR systems. […]



INTEGRATIONS Experience unparalleled enhancements in operational efficiency and streamlined processes with the BrynQ TOPdesk integration. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the Topdesk Connector do? The TOPdesk connector on BrynQ seamlessly integrates TOPdesk’s comprehensive service management tools into your HR framework. This integration refines and simplifies essential service management functions, such as incident management, […]

Azure Active Directory

Microsoft AD 200 - Azure Active Directory

INTEGRATIONS Transform how you manage access and data synchronization in your organization with BrynQ’s Azure Active Directory (AD) connector. Say goodbye to the manual hassle of granting system access; with this integration, employee permissions are handled automatically and efficiently. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What Does the Azure Active Directory Connector Do? BrynQ’s Azure AD […]

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