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Leapsome 200 - Leapsome

INTEGRATIONS Imagine effortlessly exchanging data between platforms with the Leapsome connector, making your HCM process smoother than ever. With BrynQ, data isn’t just transferred. It simplifies, it connects, it empowers. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the Leapsome connector do? The Leapsome connector is BrynQ’s answer to fragmented human capital data scattered across tools […]

AFAS connector

Afas 200 1 - AFAS connector

INTEGRATIONS Elevate your HR management to new heights through BrynQ’s AFAS HR Software Integration. Let HR processes and data integrity converge seamlessly, empowering your organization’s HR capabilities. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the AFAS connector do? The AFAS connector is BrynQ’s answer to complex HR and payroll data. This seamless integration effortlessly bridges […]

Sage intergration

Sage 200 - Sage intergration

INTEGRATIONS Optimize your financial and HR operations with BrynQ’s Sage Connector. Connect your HR systems with Sage, driving efficiency and accuracy while ensuring that your financial and HR processes seamlessly align. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the Sage integration do? Unify HR and accounting seamlessly with BrynQ’s Sage Connector. This integration harmonizes payroll, […]

Workday interface

Workday 200 1 - Workday interface

INTEGRATIONS BrynQ’s Workday interface automatically synchronizes data across HCM systems to ensure consistency and to always have insight and control.  REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the Workday interface do? The Workday Integration by BrynQ is your key to unlocking HR excellence. It facilitates the synchronization of critical HR data, ensuring that your HR […]

SuccessFactors Connector

SuccesFactors 200 1 - SuccessFactors Connector

INTEGRATIONS Elevate your HR strategy to new heights with BrynQ’s SuccessFactors Connector. It’s the gateway to an HR ecosystem where talent management, performance, and workforce analytics converge seamlessly. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the SuccessFactors connector do? Discover a transformational approach to HR management through the SuccessFactors Connector by BrynQ. This integration seamlessly […]

SAP integration

SAP 200 - SAP integration

INTEGRATIONS Put an end to mismatched data across HRM and ERP systems. BrynQ automatically syncs data between systems as you desire, ensuring constant insight and control.  REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the SAP integration do? BrynQ’s SAP connector automates the data transfer securely. The platform consolidates this data, presenting it in a unified […]

Loket connector

Loket 200 1 - Loket connector

INTEGRATIONS Elevate your payroll capabilities on a global scale. Seamlessly bridge the gap between your global HR platform and Loket, the Dutch payroll and HR software, to streamline processes and drive international HR excellence. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the Loket connector do? The BrynQ Loket Connector is your passport to international HR […]

Peoplesoft connector


INTEGRATIONS At BrynQ, we understand the complexities of managing HR and payroll systems. Our PeopleSoft Connector is designed to simplify these challenges, offering a powerful solution for large international organizations striving for efficiency and data coherence. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the Peoplesoft connector do? Connect, Integrate, and Empower. The PeopleSoft Connector serves […]

PeopleXS connector


INTEGRATIONS Revolutionize your HR and recruitment processes with the seamless integration of PeopleXS using BrynQ. Experience unparalleled efficiency and a streamlined HR ecosystem that transforms how you manage talent. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the Peoplexs Connector do? PeopleXS gives organizations full control of their HR and recruitment-processes. BrynQ’s robust integration effortlessly connects […]

NetSuite connector


INTEGRATIONS Imagine seamlessly integrating HR and payroll data with financial, planning and budgeting processes. Transform your operations into a model of efficiency with the BrynQ NetSuite Connector. REQUEST DEMO GET IN TOUCH What does the NetSuite connector do? The NetSuite Connector is BrynQ’s innovative solution to the intricate world of HR and payroll management. This […]

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